Insatiably curious

In our business the learning never ends. No problem or client is ever exactly the same. We love immersing ourselves in the unique challenges and complexities of different businesses and industries. That same insatiable curiosity has bred a culture of experimentation within our own team. We are constantly challenging our assumptions and exploring new ways to increase our value to clients. In recent years the opportunities presented by technology have allowed us to radically transform our offering.


To implement change successfully, you need to stay the course. It was our dissatisfaction with existing “flash-in-the-pan” training experiences that shaped the way we now work. We aren’t interested in one-off workshops, no matter how inspiring. We create programmes specifically engineered to create meaningful long-term change.


Over the last 20 years we have helped thousands, maybe tens of thousands of different businesses. That said, whenever we meet a new client, we never let our history influence the moment. We always leave assumptions at the door. We welcome the possibility of new or different answers, even when those answers take us into completely new territory. Our solutions are always uniquely tailored to the specific needs of every different client.


Consultancy. Leadership Development. Skills Training. Like our own backgrounds, the tools we use to get results are eclectic and wide ranging. That said, we never get lost in theory. We are committed to distilling our advice into clear and highly practical actions and suggestions. We understand how difficult change can be, so we always break down the path to long term goals into simple, everyday steps.


Tim Richardson opened the London office of Black Isle Group in 1998. Since then BIG has helped more than a thousand clients and become the advisor of choice for many of the world’s leading financial services, retail and professional services organisations.

In 2019, three new investors, Doug Sawers, Jeremy Campbell and Atholl Duncan joined forces with Tim Richardson and his team to set about growing and developing BIG to meet the challenges of the Twenty Twenties.

Black Isle Group has a proud history and is planning for an even more successful future.

The BIG Foundation offers a unique experience for the company’s clients to volunteer to make a difference in Kenya.

This allows them to give back in a starkly different environment from normal corporate life.

BIG clients, like Jonny Clayton, CEO of Oodle Car Finance (pictured), have travelled to Kenya to help. For some, this has meant experiencing very deep and meaningful learning about themselves as leaders and about their purpose…….

For anyone who wants to learn more, contribute or get involved with the BIG Foundation then please get in contact.

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