5 Top Tips to Retain Talent and create effective Succession Plans


  1. Look forward: The first step is to understand the requirements of the business strategy in the medium term (I wouldn’t bother with long term as it is quickly outdated, changed or acquired).


  1. Predict success: Once you understand what’s required by the business, you can decide what characteristics are best suited to serve the strategy (clue: it’s likely to be innovation, curiosity and comfort with change) and then build assessment and selection methods to service those needs.


  1. Mind the trap: The most common mistake is to ‘play it by ear’ and ‘trust your gut’. This is a recipe for fluke or failure.


  1. “But I’m unique”: Another common mistake is to think that your organisation is fundamentally different to all others and that you need a 100% bespoke solution. This is not pragmatic or budget friendly. The good news is that it does reinforce feelings of importance.


  1. It’s all about trust: Understanding engagement levels in any organisation can be done by asking one simple question: “do you trust your boss?”. A bespoke solution isn’t required to start to predict retention or engagement metrics.



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