This is the moment for personal renewal.  A New Year, a new you!

The poem “The Promise” describes NOW as, “The time of the year when the future appears like a blank sheet of paper, a clean calendar, a new chance”.

As you contemplate, how you can become reborn as a leader, we thought we could offer five pointers on the most effective areas to focus your corporate New Year resolutions.

  1. AWARENESS – Lack of awareness is the first hurdle to high performance. Awareness empowers. You can only control that of which you are aware. That of which you are unaware controls you. Do you really know what your board and your colleagues think are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you know what you are truly experiencing when challenged at your board; dealing with that difficult conversation; or opening that toxic email?
    POSSIBLE 2020 RESOLUTION – I will raise personal awareness of myself and my team and act on what I discover.  (Commission an independent assessment of you and your team. Confront the insights which this gives you and you will clear the first barrier to success.  Consider a coach for you and your team)

  2. RESPONSIBILITY – High performance only comes when we truly accept responsibility for what we can change and influence. We all tend to blame others – to a lesser or greater extent. Great leaders constantly extend their sphere of influence from internal to external to societal.
    POSSIBLE 2020 RESOLUTION – I will take responsibility for solving three issues which I am not currently addressing.

  3. FOCUS – Too many executives we meet spend too much time working on the wrong things. Avoiding distraction and making the right use of your time is game changing. Consider, what are the things I do which deliver most of my results? What are the things I am doing which don’t bring me results?
    POSSIBLE 2020 RESOLUTION – Carry out an audit of your diary to see what you spend your time on? Is your time aligned to your true priorities?  Based on the results radically change how you spend your time.

  4. PEOPLE PLEASING – We find that trying to please everyone is remarkably common among many executives. We like to be liked. “The biggest problem with the people pleaser trap is that you are compromising your integrity because you are not acting in line with what you are feeling and thinking; you are destined to be unfulfilled, frustrated and resentful” (Source – The Coach’s Casebook.)
    POSSIBLE 2020 RESOLUTION – I will address under performance in my area no matter who the people are who are not performing? I will enter the Zone of Uncomfortable Debate (ZOUD) and address the thorny issues because it is the right thing to do.

  5. PERSONAL BRAND At senior levels, one survey claims, performance counts for only 10% of success. Image and personal brand is 30%. Exposure – ensuring the right people know us inside and outside the company – is reckoned to be 60% of success.
    POSSIBLE 2020 RESOLUTION – I will put in place a system for personally managing my internal and external stakeholders and building relationships in areas of the most value?

And of course, if you need help in transforming yourself in 2020, Black Isle Group is ever eager and interested in coaching you and your team to a year of great success.

We have 20 years’ experience of game changing.

Happy New Year…….

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