Employee disengagement can have a variety of origins: from “Mood Hoovers” (look out for my future blog on these) to low salaries or poor job satisfaction. Employee disengagement happens in most companies whether you want it to or not. But how do you re-engage and motivate your long standing employees and keep your new ones from falling into the same trap?

Well, here are a few suggestions to help put you in the right direction:


Team Day/ Gatherings

No, not the “let’s build a raft and see if it floats” fad. Why not ask your employees for suggestions – a simple picnic in the park with a Frisbee might just do the trick, or a couple of drinks in the local bar on a Friday evening once in a while?


Company Perks

Offering a flexi benefit. This will help a lot of employees in various situations and it allows them to choose something that is important to them, such as a gym membership or Private Medical Insurance with the ability to add family members at a discounted rate etc.


Employee Perks

Ok, this is the controversial one because you might be thinking, “why should I give my employees more, I already pay them a good wage”. Now that might be true, however not everyone is motivated by money. Money is just a by-product of the requirement to work!

Why not help your employees get discounts for national parks, museums and theme parks. By offering and encouraging them to use the discount service you are allowing them to unwind and ergo making them more efficient in the workplace!

Perhaps get someone into the office once a fortnight to support people in high stress roles.

You could get fresh fruit and healthy snacks delivered to the office, once a week or so. By offering a range of healthy snacks you are saying to your employees that you care, and you care about their health and wellbeing. Team that up with a bi-weekly desk chair massage and I’m sure you will be onto a winner!


Involvement and Transparency

This is an easy one, involve your employees in decisions – yes some decisions will ultimately need to be made by Heads of Departments and Managers, but ask the people that actually do the job as they will know if it’s going to work or not! If it is a more senior decision then make it, but be transparent with your employees. They will thank you for it.


Professional Development

Spend money on improving your employees. Let them choose a few courses that will benefit them as an individual but also complement and enhance their role within the business. Then sit down together and finalise the option. This way the employee is more willing to undertake the training and more likely to succeed as they had involvement in the process!


By doing some or all of the above you will change the motivation and engagement levels within the office as you are giving them choice, responsibility and involvement.


“We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other”

Vala Afshar

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